About JoShik Polish

JoShik Polish (Pronounced Jo-chic means: Satisfaction, with ease & happiness) is a Chicago based nail polish brand that gives a thumbs down to toxins. It was created by a  mother and a health enthusiast with the goal of bringing high quality, affordable, luxurious, vegan nail polishes to young girls and discerning modern women.

Her inspiration came from her first pregnancy which brought her so much awareness of what she could eat or apply to her body without bringing harm to her unborn child. As years passed, she noticed a growing trend of mothers spending quality time with their daughters at nail salons. She was curious about what was lurking in those tiny bottles and she discovered that most mainstream nail polishes contain harmful chemicals that can trigger asthma, irritate the skin and can cause nails to become brittle and weak. What was most disturbing is that they are carcinogens and have even been linked to birth defects. She has eliminated these harmful toxins so you can polish away with ease.

JoShik polishes are fast drying, durable and glossy with a gel-like effect and contain none of these harmful toxins. They are safe for children and moms-to-be.

JoShik Polishes are made in the USA, and are vegan, cruelty-free and PeTA certified because we do not believe in testing on animals nor using any animal extracts.

JoShik Polish is open to event collaborations that help empower women and provide food, clothing, and shelter to children. Below are some of the organizations we have partnered with that are doing great things to help women and children. Polish with ease, polish for hope.
Midwives on Wheels



(Platform for women entrepreneurs)

Meet JoJo Shiku, brand owner of JoShik Polish which is a vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic nail polish brand based in Chicago…
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