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JoShik Polish cares about the well being of children all over the world. We strongly believe that no child should ever go a day without food, clothing, or shelter and that there is no contribution that is too small to feed a child.  We will continually seek organizations that empower women and those that provide food, clothing, and shelter to children and contribute a percentage of our sales yearly to these organizations.
Below are some of the causes we have contributed to and partnered with. So go on and polish for HOPE.

Mother Health International (MHI)
Mother Health International (MHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty…
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Heshima Kenya
Heshima Kenya, a nonprofit organization whose headquarters is located in Chicago – USA and operating in Nairobi, Kenya, is the first organization in Kenya devoted to protecting unaccompanied and separated refugee children and youth, with a special focus in supporting women and girls ages 13 to 23 years old from Somalia, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, and Burundi…
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