Basic Necessity Collection


Contains our Ridge-fill basecoat & Gel-like Quick-dry topcoat.

Ridge-fill: Basecoat that is both a strengthener and a primer that fills any ridges on your nail for a smooth matte finish. It provides an even base for any color of your choice or can be worn alone

Gel-like Quick-dry: Topcoat that dries within minutes without the use of a UV lamp. It hides any imperfections in the application and contains a UV inhibitor which prevents yellowing. It dries to a high, glossy shine and makes nails appear stronger and thicker. Remove with regular nail polish remover.

Tip: Use topcoat every 2-3 days to extend the wear of your manicure and to keep nail polish looking fresh.

How to use topcoat:
Allow nail polish to semi-dry before application to avoid smudges due to its thick gel-like formula. Apply one coat over your nail polish color and you are good to go.

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